About Us

Open secret

There is an open secret in the credit card industry that can save you lots of money. The secret is that the largest credit unions can be joined by anyone to enjoy their consumer-friendly offers such as low APRs and fees.

If you pay off your card each month, then you are doing fantastic and should immediately leave this site. You are also the worst customer of banks.

However, if you have to pay interest and fees to banks, then it makes sense to lower them as much as possible. Kreadit is built by a small team to make saving money easy.

Our relationship with advertisers

We may in the future have affiliate relationships with some credit unions. Our data is presented in a table format for you to sort as you please and this is not affected by any advertising relationship.

Our scope and disclaimer

While we work hard to keep maintain updated information, because credit unions change their data frequently, our information may not reflect what is on the issuer's website. You should always go with the information on the issuer's website. Our database of cards is growing, but it may never include all available credit union credit cards.

The Kreadit Team.


San Francisco, CA